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The Top Specialist in Skin Care Kenosha Has to Offer

A common saying that people always hear regarding your skin is that it is your first line of defense against the outside world. A less common saying, but a bit more obvious, is that your skin is what makes or breaks your first impression with people. It is often the first thing that people see and it occupies quite a large portion of your body (the whole portion)! If you have some imperfections, or want to improve the overall quality of your skin, then look no further. The best doctor in skin care Kenosha has to offer is Dr. Michael S. Birndorf of Birndorf Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Birndorf is a highly qualified board-certified surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery as well as overall skin care. He has been practicing in Kenosha since 1993 and offers each and every patient excellent and personalized care. His attention to details is unsurpassable and his level of dedication to his patients is reflective of his personal philosophy. This is one of the reasons that the top specialist in skin care Kenosha residents use is Dr. Birndorf. In addition to his personal expertise, he has hand picked a team of office staff that goes above and beyond the levels of expectation regarding customer satisfaction. When you go to Birndorf Plastic Surgery, you will walk out feeling like you’ve been taken care of and you’ll know that the staff and Dr. Birndorf truly care.

Birndorf Plastic Surgery uses SkinCeuticals in order to focus on the three skin health elements: prevention, protection and correction. SkinCeuticals uses only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and is committed to advanced skin care products through their pledge to science and research. What that means, when simply put, is it works. Dr. Birndorf utilizes a wide range of these products based on the three most important elements of skin care and works on improving your skin’s overall health by treating skin aliments and preventing future skin conditions. This is why when looking for a high quality doctor who specializes in skin care Kenosha residents always recommend Dr. Birndorf.

If you’re looking for a new skin care regimen that actually works, contact us today for a free consultation to discuss a SkinCeuticals skin care treatment that fits your everyday life.

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